Anyone of us goes through ups and downs each day. Each of us has something that is meaningful and precious or meaningless and trifling. Yet, it doesn’t take long for us to recognize that something is precious amidst mundane things.

My artworks capture those everyday moments which we tend to easily lose the sight of. In my daily existence, I recognize in me “an obtuse person” who is regretting and longing for the things that were not appreciated previously. Anyone can have such an experience.                             


I want to recollect such a reflection and depict an earnest feeling of cherishing every second in my drawings and paintings.   If you can record daily routines by recalling the memory of each moment one by one like a series of snapshots, you can realize that there are numerous emotions in daily routines which at the time seemed utterly ordinary. Amidst dull and boring and yet busy daily existence, there are countless moments of escape, pleasure, suffering, crying, and laughing which are not only a part of my daily existence but also a part of everyone else’s. Subjects in my paintings can be traced back to things that can be found in the ordinary.            

 I want to capture daily activities like eating, resting, driving and working, which can happen instantly without a serious contemplation, in great details so that the sceneries, still objects, and people in my artworks can transpire the in depth feeling of those exact moments.  Hence, the main theme of my paintings is “mundane yet cheerful everyday existence.”


I utilize oil painting, color pencils, and other materials and employ painting and drawing techniques to put images on canvas.