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My art piece focuses on the themes of light and road. Light is an important element that is present everywhere in our daily lives. This includes sunlight and moonlight from nature, the countless streetlights brightening the sidewalks, and the lights emanating from buildings. If all these lights were to disappear, then we would be left in a state of darkness and confusion. This is because light is an essential part of our lives. At the same time, however, light also satisfies our vision while playing an unessential role in our lives. These countless lights in the dark create a beautiful sight that spreads joy and admiration due to its. similarities to a fireworks festival. Additionally, light also comes to us with a symbolic meaning. For instance, when I was struggling to find a direction for my work, I happened to come across a cool light shining over a road. And unexpectedly, it felt like the light was guiding me in a certain direction. Even in past decades, people often compared their duties and future aspirations to roads. And so, I also started to see that road again. We are all on a road going somewhere. That is the way of life. On the roads that are run by cars and in the streets that are crowded with people, there is somewhat of a resemblance to our lives. And on every one of those roads, there is, without a doubt, a light that accompanies it. With the light, we can find our correct and even desired paths in life. An open road without blockage reminded me of a road without difficulties. Similarly, a road full of cars reminded me of the adversities I had to go through.

The sunlight shining through tree branches excites me for no reason and instills a sense of hope in me. I believe that this is an experience not unique to me. On the open road with the bright light, I felt a sense of hope. There were at times paths that I walked with a frustrated heart.

I wanted to symbolize these various emotions felt in life through light and road.

As each of us is on a journey to achieve our passions and dreams, I wanted to show everyone that there is adversity and hope in the process as well.

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